The Band

13 O’Clock – The Witching Hour  – the time of night when supernatural creatures are particularly active. When the connection between the real world and the supernatural world is strongest. When even time itself can turn be stretched and turned. Just before the Witching Hour begins, The 13 O’Clock Blues Band starts to tune up. It begins slowly, coming out of the mist and into the evening air. Pitches rub up against each other and vibrate, rhythms commingle and converge, until pitch becomes rhythm and rhythm becomes pitch. Time stands still even as it reaches out to infinity. Then it starts to emerge, through shards of a boogie bass line. It is joined by impossibly pure chords crying in the cracks. The drums sound as the music shifts to a higher gear, spiraling towards an unknown vortex that seems to be interacting with the music. Clouds materialize and engulf the music, waves of eternal sound propagating through the space and resonating, even after the band has stopped. Another Witching Hour has come and gone, and the 13 O’Clock Blues Band has been there to play with the forces that only come out at night.

As the source of their energy, the band draws its musical elements from the volcanic flow of the Harmonic Series. Overtones from 8 – 16 are used as the starting point, with higher Overtones being added as the music progresses.

The band also tunes to what has become known as “cosmic frequencies” using 528hz as a fundamental.

The core members of the band  – guitarist/composer Jon Catler, and vocalist Babe Borden – have been working together for many years since their first tour together in Switzerland and Germany. The pair produced 3 critically acclaimed records with electric Delta Blues band, Willie McBlind [links to WMCB site, and press page]. Subsequent touring took them from King Biscuit Blues Festival in Arkansas to the Bourbon Street Blues Festival. Their travels led them to Boston in 2014, resulting in the genesis of 13 O’Clock Blues Band. Uniting forces with bassist Timo Shanko, and hard hitting drummer Skip Fischer, the 13 O’Clock Blues Band has arrived just in time.


Jon Catler, 64-Tone Just Intonation guitar, 12-Tone Ultra Plus guitar, Fretless guitar; vocals
Babe Borden, vocals, keyboard
Timo Shanko, 12-Tone Ultra Plus bass, Fretless bass
Skip Fischer, drums